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  Weltweit schnellste HD 6870: HIS Radeon HD 6870 IceQ X Turbo X mit 975 MHz Chiptakt
written by - 25.02.2011, 17:23 Uhr
  Mit der HD 6870 IceQ X Turbo X stellt HIS eine Barts-Grafikkarte mit 975 MHz Chiptakt und einem hoffentlich leisen Kühler vor. Laut HIS ist die Karte die "weltweit schnellste Radeon HD 6870". (Marc Sauter, 25.02.2011)

Hightech Information System Limited, besser bekannt als HIS, schickt die laut eigener Aussage weltweit schnellste Radeon HD 6870 ins Rennen. In der Tat, mit einem Chiptakt von 975 MHz und einem Speichertakt von 2.300 MHz knackt die IceQ X Turbo X die Frequenzen der Sapphire Toxic - diese tritt mit 970/2.300 MHz an. Um diesen Takt zu kühlen, verwendet HIS die hauseigene IceQ-Kühlung. Dahinter verbirgt sich nicht mehr das einst legendäre, von Arctic Cooling adaptierte DHE-Prinzip ("Direct Heat Exhaust"), sondern eine offene Konstruktion mit jeweils zwei 6- und 8-mm-Heatpipes sowie einem 92-mm-Axialpropeller in der Mitte. Dadurch soll die HD 6870 IceQ X Turbo X 15 Grad Celsius niedrigere Temperaturen erreichen als das Referenzdesign und zudem 15 dB(A) leiser agieren. Das PCB ist eine Eigenentwicklung mitsamt SSCs und Solid Capacitors. Anschlusseitig gibt es zwei Dual-Link-DVIs, einen HDMI- und zwei Mini-DPs.

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School violence continues to be identified as a possible increasing difficulty facing almost all members regarding school residential areas. Intervention programs are already developed to be able to combat this rising problem, with varying numbers of effectiveness.
Many do-it-yourself projects are usually well inside reach of all homeowners, while they are fairly easy and straightforward to perform. And your home improvement market just is growing by advances and bounds.
Changing the color of your room or perhaps adding fresh color with a space is definitely one of many easiest approaches to update a place. In reality, many spexxxxt interior developers often utilize color as a possible inexpensive remedy for old spaces.
There are usually scores regarding curtains and also drapes to pick from. One of the very most frequent could be the box pleated window curtain or adorn. These draperies are pre-gathered directly into pleats on the pinnacle with the curtain in order that they always use a neat, personalized look.
With complete television sites and numerous magazines specialized in home development, it's obvious why residence renovations are usually quickly turning into the speediest growing craze in United states. Giant, big-box retailers and more compact, specialty suppliers are showing up all over and so they all have their particular catalogs.
Anyone which is considering placing their property in the marketplace, should think of home development loans to improve the value with the property. It isn't difficult to know, that any tidy and also well-kept residence will promote faster when compared to a home which is needing some fixes.
Home Development scenarios have got appreciated excellently over time. The dependence on balanced do-it-yourself has covered by insurance great numbers of professionalism in the act. As a residence owner you should make specific considerations just before even starting a property improvement method.
It is a favorite fact in which summer is the better season regarding improving your property. That can be a very frequent belief because during that time with the year people usually do not depend around the weather. There's no snow or perhaps constant bad weather falls, it isn't cold thus repairing your property outside just isn't difficult.
Home staging has now become vital proper selling any residential house today, your property is a beneficial asset plus a major purchase. Sellers need to understand quite role in which home holding plays inside the selling method.
Contemporary lamps are increasingly poxxxxr in several homes. They increase that added touch in home design and they're way over and above simply providing an operating aspect in which traditional lamps used to do.
Drywall installment and repair is frequently undertaken simply by do-it-yourself do-it-yourself enthusiasts. While drywall has the main advantage of being a fairly easy building substance, it remains difficult to have excellent final results without spexxxxt equipment and also experience.
Coming from two factors, the very best debt of you were his mortgage. If this individual can't repay, the banker would chuck him outside his residence. Moreover, normal mortgage installments are more than other buyer or signature loans.

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