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aventic.Sk vs aw3some...
aVentic vs. aw3
aVentic vs. new-Generation
aVentic vs.
1. 3gl_head (2231)
2. holyshit (2038)
3. Nuke Jump (2007)
4. flash_emulate (1928)
5. 3er HE (1723)

Datum: 17.03.2011
Gruppe / Spiel: Team SK /
Gegner: aw3 / aw3some
Liga: ESL MR15 / Link
Maps: de_inferno,de_tuscan,de_dust2
Map Ergebnis Info:

16 : 3

11 : 16

16 : 13
total 43:32
aVentic Team: , , birdy, aVentic.SK | miaUUU, , , rydNNN, LoLLe`
aw3 Team:
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#22 von zhegg 30.12.2012 - 10:42
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#12 von zhegg 22.11.2012 - 06:39
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There are always gorgeous dazzling sexy personality, Jimmy Choo Heels this season in many take the natural wind first-line brand to appear more bright. In the details be pierced and small stones adorn creativity has been Jimmy Choo Store strengths, but also not even Jimmy Choo director Tamara Mellon favorite animal elements, the Jimmy Choo USA design team is also rare in the leopard and snakeskin, even zebra catch fish scale-like leather for mix & match bold attempt

#11 von zhegg 22.11.2012 - 06:37
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